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OT: Omar

Hany Abu-Assad // Palestine, 2013
Fiction Feature // FF2013
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CLOSING FILM: Almost every day, Omar climbs over the huge wall separating Israel and Palestine, ducking the Israeli bullets. He’s risking his life for Nadia, who waits for him on the other side. Their love is secret, not even Tarek, Nadia’s brother and Omar’s best friend, can know about it. Everyday life for Omar and the other Palestinians in West Jordan is marked by bullying and humiliation. To try and offer some kind of resistance, Omar and Tarek start a militant activist group, together with their friend Amjad. When Amjad kills a policeman during an attack, it’s Omar who’s caught by the Israeli army. In prison, Omar is tortured and given the choice of either working for Israel as a mole or spending the rest of his life behind bars. Omar feigns acceptance of the deal, without seriously intending to betray his friends. But outside he is met with suspicion and misunderstanding. For Tarek and the others, he is now a spy. And Nadia is further away than ever. Omar is a gripping drama about growing up, friendship and love in extreme circumstances. Screening on 05.10. in attendance of: Hany Abu-Assad (Director)





Fiction Feature

Hebrew, Arabic

Agenda 13//FF2013



97 min

OV with German subtitles

Hany Abu-Assad

Hany Abu-Assad

Adam Bakri, Samer Bishara, Ehab Hourani, Leem Lubani, Waleed Zuaiter

Hany Abu-Assad, Waleed F. Zuaiter, David Gerson

Ehab Assal

Martin Brinkler, Eyas Salman

Nael Kanj

The Match Factory


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