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Peter's Odyssey

OT: Odisseya Petra

Anna Kolchina, Alexey Kuzmin-Tarasov // Russian Federation, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2018
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As every summer, 12-year old Peter is spending the holidays at his grandmother’s outside Moscow. But the happy days with the country house, the trees and the lake come to an abrupt end when his parents decide to emigrate to Germany. In the new, unfamiliar surroundings, Peter feels lost and he remains an outsider at school too. The result is that he withdraws increasingly into his own private world and imagines how he could get back to his grandmother’s on his own initiative.




Odisseya Petra

Fiction Feature

English, German, Russian


Russian Federation


74 min

German overvoice

Anna Kolchina, Alexey Kuzmin-Tarasov

Anna Kolchina, Alexey Kuzmin-Tarasov

Dmitriy Gabrielyan, Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Maria Shashlova, Aleksey Yudnikov

Constantine Lusignan

Maksim Kiryunin

Dmitriy Pavlov

Mihail Smirnov

Asya Skorik

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IE Constantine Lusignan

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