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Norwegian Dream

OT: Norwegian Dream

Leiv Igor Devold // Norway, Poland, Germany, 2023
Fiction Feature // FF2023
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Loves comes from courage: a tender queer love story set against the backdrop of the Norwegian fjords. Robert is 19, comes from Poland and dreams of a fresh start in Norway. He gets a job in a fish factory and meets Ivar there. Their friendship seems to develop into something more. But while Ivar openly stands up for his sexuality, Robert fears the reactions of his Polish co-workers at the factory. When a strike is called led by Ivar, Robert has to nail his colours to the mast: is he going to go on hiding or will he stand by his friend?


LEIV IGOR DEVOLD (*1977 in Poland) studied at the National University of Film, TV and Theatre in Łódź and has made several award-winning documentaries. Produced in Hamburg, Norwegian Dream is his first feature film.



Norwegian Dream

Fiction Feature

English, Polish, Norwegian

Hamburger Filmschau//FF2023

Norway, Poland, Germany


97 min

OV with German subtitles

Leiv Igor Devold

Justyna Bilik, Gjermund Gisvold, Radosław Paczocha

Hubert Miłkowski, Edyta Torhan, Karl Bekele Steinland, Øyvind Brandtzæg

Håvard Wettland Gossé

Patryk Kin

Michał Fojcik

Ida Kolstø Tomasz, Maczka Øyvinn, Haugrud Kastnes

Florian Tessloff

Jørgen Sellevold

Maren Esdar

Konrad Bugaj, Celine Engebrigtsen


True Colors

Spætt Film

Solo Film; Riva Filmproduktion / Bartek Gliński, Lennart Lenzing, Michael Eckelt

Salzgeber, Jürgen Pohl: pohl@salzgeber.de


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