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Noch einmal lieben

OT: Noch einmal lieben

Anna Justice // Germany, 2005
Fiction Feature // FF2005



A young woman finds herself at the beginning of a nightmare. Diagnosis: breast cancer. Her illness compels Andrea (Marie Zielcke) to deal with herself, her dreams and her great longing to love and to be loved. A friend (Jasmin Tabatabai, also featuring at the Filmfest in “Filmszene Hamburg” with the film “Fremde Haut”), a lust for life and a good deal of black humour help her look ahead. After the autobiographical novel by Andrea Sixt, Anna Justice has directed a film full of empathy and lightness that deals openly with a taboo topic and allows the audience to experience the most contrasting emotions. A confidence-raising film about the philosophy in life to accept fate as a chance.



Noch einmal lieben

Fiction Feature





90 min


Anna Justice

Andrea Sixt

Marie Zielcke, Jasmin Tabatabai, Steffen Groth, Ruth Reinecke

Ewa Karlström, Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton

Chau the Ngo

Uta Schmidt

Julian Maas, Christoph M. Kaiser

Andreas Olshausen

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