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OT: Nayola

José Miguel Ribeiro // Portugal, Belgium, France, Netherlands, 2022
Animation // FF2022
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ANIMATED FILM In expressively luminous colours, José Miguel Ribeiro tells the story of three women whose lives are overshadowed by the Angolan civil war. Nayola is looking for her husband, who has gone missing in the chaos of the war. She leaves her young daughter Yara with her grandmother. Fearlessly, Nayola plunges into the surreal depths of the bloody conflict. Years later, Yara is a rebellious teenager, selling subversive rap tracks under the counter in the big city jungle of Luanda. The country has found peace, a peace clouded by the suppression of any form of opposition. But the young woman persists.


JOSÉ MIGUEL RIBEIRO (*1966 in Portugal) graduated from the Lisbon Art School and has since made a name for himself in the animation industry. His film Nayola is the first ever Portuguese full-length animation.







Portugal, Belgium, France, Netherlands


83 min

OV with English subtitles

José Miguel Ribeiro

Virgílio Almeida, based on the play "A Caixa Preta" by José Eduardo Agualusa and Mia Couto

Stimmen/Voices: Elisângela Rita, Catarina André, Feliciana Délcia Guia, Vitória Adelino Dias Soares, Marinela Furtado Veloso

Ana Carina Estróia, Arnoud Rijken, Camille Raulo,Geert Van Goethen, Jean-François Bigot, Jorge António, Linda Sterckx, Michiel Snijders, Serge Kestemont, Tomás Oom Martins

Animation 2D: Daan Faudet, Elian van der Heiden, Elmano Silva, Gildo Pimentel, Hugo Santos, Jeroen Ceulebrouck, João Monteiro, João Silva, Joke Eycken, Kris Van Alphen, Lisandro Schurjin, Luís Vital, Marten Visser, Pieter Vanluffelen, Sefi Gayego, Vivianne du Bois / Animation 3D: Johanna Bessiere, Anna Chapelle, Claudi Sorribas, Hugo Santos, João Silva, Lionel Chauvin, Luís Vital, Pierre Patte, Suad Wedell, Valya Paneva

Olivier Thys

Alex Dibicki

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