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A Wonderful Catch

OT: Mutter, Kutter, Kind

Matthias Tiefenbacher // Germany, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021



Four generations and one conflict: In a town on the Baltic Sea, a family seeks for ways out of their messy past. Fisherwoman Heddi (Anneke Kim Sarnau) can’t believe her eyes: her daughter Eva is on the doorstep, having avoided contact with her for years. And she has a 10-year old son, Jannis. They claim they’ve only come to wish Eva’s granny Lore Happy Birthday, but in truth climate activist and single mum Eva’s life is going down the drain. Heddi too has battles to fight, both privately and professionally, and now she is supposed to look after her grandson as well? Mother and daughter can no longer avoid dealing with the unsolved questions from their past.


MATTHIAS TIEFENBACHER (*1962) has been a repeated guest at FILMFEST HAMBURG for years, most recently in 2017 with Wenn Frauen ausziehen.



Mutter, Kutter, Kind

Fiction Feature





90 min


Matthias Tiefenbacher

Volker Krappen

Anneke Kim Sarnau, Zoe Moore, Lewe Wagner, Jutta Wachowiak

Claudia Krebs, Volker Krappen

Hanno Lentz

Thorsten Schröder

Horst Reiter

Martina Eisenreich

Florian Langmaack

Claudia González Espíndola

Uwe Bünker

Katja Kirchen, Stefan Kruppa (ARD Degeto)

Krebs & Krappen Film GmbH für ARD Degeto

ARD Degeto

Claudia Krebs, Krebs & Krappen Film GmbH: krebs@krebs-krappen.de


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