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Polluting Paradise

OT: Müll im Garten Eden

Fatih Akin // Germany, 2012
Documentary Feature // FF2012
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Çamburnu is a village in the mountains of North-Eastern Turkey. Its inhabitants have lived in harmony with nature for generations from tea cultivation and fishing. 10 years ago the idyll came under threat when the government decided to build a waste disposal site directly above the village. Despite protests from the mayor and the villagers, a site was built that ignored safety and building standards and has been polluting the environment ever since. The economic basis of the tea growers below the site has been destroyed. The consequences are appalling and plain for all to see, yet every day tons’ more rubbish are driven onto the site.


FATIH AKIN (*1973 in Hamburg) is one of Germany’s most successful and internationally recognized directors. His fourth film "Gegen die Wand" won the Golden Bear in 2004, along with the German and European Film Prizes. "Auf der anderen Seite" ran in competition at Cannes in 2005 and won the award for best screenplay. FILMFEST HAMBURG has shown several of Akin’s films, including "Soul Kitchen" (2009) and "The Cut" (2014) and in 2014 awarded him the Douglas Sirk Prize.


Müll im Garten Eden

Documentary Feature


Drei Farben Grün//FF2012



98 min


Fatih Akin

Fatih Akin

Fatih Akin, Klaus Maeck, Alberto Fanni, Flaminio Zadra, Paolo Colombo

Bünyamin Seyrekbasan, Hervé Dieu

Andrew Bird

Alexander Hacke

Jeanette Würl (NDR), Christian Granderath (NDR)

Pandora Film GmbH

corazón international; NDR

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