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The Wait

OT: Mon De Kommer Om Natten?

Emil Langballe, Andrea Storm Henriksen // Denmark, 2016
Documentary Feature // FF2017
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DOCUMENTARY She lives in a small town, talks with her girlfriends about boys they fancy and plays football in the local club. Rokhsar would be living the normal life of a European 14-year old if she hadn’t fled Afghanistan 5 years ago with her family and ended up in Denmark. Her application for asylum was rejected, the family can be deported at any time. Thus Rokhsar spends her days on the phone trying to speak to the relevant authorities, in constant anticipation of the end of her days as a teenager. The Wait is a dense documentation of the terrible, immediate effects of abstract asylum policies on those directly affected.




Mon De Kommer Om Natten?

Documentary Feature





61 min

OV with English subtitles

Emil Langballe, Andrea Storm Henriksen

The Sediqi family

Helle Faber

Emil Langballe, Andrea Storm Henriksen

Michael Aaglund, Peter Winther

Uno Helmersson

DR International Sales

Made in Copenhagen

Anne Marie Kürstein, DFI: kurstein@dfi.dk

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