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Mörder auf Amrum

OT: Mörder auf Amrum (AT Die Insel)

Markus Imboden // Germany, 2009
Fiction Feature // FF2009



If Tarantino were Friesian, this is the film he would have made: policeman Helge (Hinnerk Schönemann) lives a quiet life on the North Sea island of Amrum. Until a Federal Crime Police (BKA) officer appears in his police station, covered in blood. She is accompanied by a young Russian woman, Mathilda (Irina Potapenko), a witness in a murder case and under police protection. But there’s adouble agent in the BKA… What becomes a professional test for Helge, is a breaking test for the audience’s nerves and laugh muscles.


MARKUS IMBODEN (*1955 in Interlaken, Schweiz) has been director and author of numerous feature and TV films since 1986. His last visit to FILMFEST HAMBURG was in 2016 with Tatort: Wendehammer in the TV section competition.


Mörder auf Amrum (AT Die Insel)

Fiction Feature





90 min


Markus Imboden

Holger Karsten Schmidt

Hinnerk Schönemann, Barbara Rudnik, Irina Potapenko, Thomas Thieme

Claudia Schröder

Peter von Haller

Ursula Höf

Detlef F. Petersen

Peter Bausch, Marion Strohschein


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