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OT: Miracol

Bogdan George Apetri // Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021



A masterpiece of investigation and imagination: Romanian director Bogdan George Apetri reinvents the detective film. Cristina, a 19-year old nun, sneaks out of the nunnery and takes a taxi to a hospital in the next town. Her purpose is an urgent one. On her way back, she takes another taxi and then falls victim to a brutal crime of violence. Marius, the police inspector dealing with the case, starts investigating. While Cristina remains silent on what happened, he reconstructs her story step by step. But Marius’ imagination is working on a parallel plot.


BOGDAN GEORGE APETRI (*1976 in Romania) first studied international law in New York and then film direction. He won acclaim for his films Outbound (2010) and Unidentified (2020).

Film Talk



Fiction Feature



Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia


118 min

OV with German subtitles

Bogdan George Apetri

Bogdan George Apetri

Ioana Bugarin, Emanuel Pârvu, Cezar Antal, Ovidiu Crisan, Valeriu Andriuță, Valentin Popescu

Bogdan George Apetri, Oana Iancu

Oleg Mutu

Mārtiņš Rozentāls

Bogdan George Apetri

Mihaela Poenaru

Liene Dobrāja

Catalin Dordea

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