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Two Meters of This Land

OT: Metran men hada al-turab

Ahmad Natche // Palestine, 2012
Hybrid // FF2013
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“Two meters of this land are enough for me” wrote the Palestinian nationalist poet Mahmud Darwisch in a poem about the moment of his passing. He died in 2008. Close by his grave in Ramallah, a music festival is organized. Hours before the show, technicians, artists and journalists come together, a sound check is done, scaffolding erected, interviews are conducted. What seems to be just a casual documentary observation is in fact staged, right down to the tiniest detail. The film sets a counterpoint to the mostly dramatic media image of Palestine – and thus makes the conflict more precisely visible.Screening on 01.10. and 04.10. in attendance of:Ahmad Natche (Director)


Ahmad Natche (*1974) grew up in Spain as the son of a Palestinian father. He studied audiovisual communication in Sevilla and film editing in Cuba. Two Meters of This Land is his debut feature.


Metran men hada al-turab


Arabic, English, French

Agenda 13//FF2013



80 min

OV with English subtitles

Ahmad Natche

Ahmad Natche

Raouf Haj-Yahia, Noémi Kahn, Omaima Hamori, Shaden Salim, Linda Sadi

Ahmad Natche

Rosibel Rojas

Ahmad Natche

Ahmad Natche

Turab Films

Turab Films

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