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OT: Meng ying tong nian

Xiao Jiang // People's Republic of China, 2004
Fiction Feature // FF2005



Xiao Jiang’s debut film takes us to rural China before and after the Cultural Revolution. Ling Ling is the illegitimate daughter of a designated counter-revolutionary mother. The girl finds happiness for the first time when her mother marries the local cinema director, and she becomes inspired by events on the big screen. Alas, when her film-mad friend Xiaobing is sent to another province…



Meng ying tong nian

Fiction Feature



People's Republic of China


95 min


Xiao Jiang

Xiao Jiang, Cheng Qingsong

Xia Yu, Jiang Yihong, Li Haibin, Guan Xiatong

Huang Jianxin, Derek Yee Tung Sing

Yang Lun, Chen Hong

Lei Qin

Zhao Lin

Fu Delin

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