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Mein gebrauchter Mann

OT: Mein gebrauchter Mann

Lars Jessen // Germany, 2015
TV Series // FF2015



A successful publishing editor in her mid-30s, Sophie (Christiane Paul) is happy enough to be single. But deep down she’d love to have a family of her own. Then she meets Fritz Mertens (Fritz Karl): a dentist, fresh from his divorce and open to a new relationship – but with no strings attached please. He has enough of those already in the shape of his 12-year old son Vincent, who in turn lives with him and his mother in Munich. Sophie and Fritz fall in love. But can there be a future for a “second-hand” man and a woman with her own hopes of happiness?


After studying film in Cologne. LARS JESSEN (*1969) has directed TV series and films for TV and cinema, e.g. Der Tag an dem Bobby Ewing starb (2005).


Mein gebrauchter Mann

TV Series





89 min


Lars Jessen

Nina Bohlmann

Christiane Paul, Fritz Karl, Louie Betton, Ursula Strauss, Diana Staehly, Rudolf Kowalski, Michael Prelle, Rike Schmid

Kerstin Schmidbauer

Kristian Leschner

Sebastian Schultz

Martin Probst, Raffael Holzhauser

Dorle Bahlburg

Daniel Blum (ZDF)

Constantin Television GmbH für ZDF

Saskia Frank, Constantin Television GmbH: Saskia.Frank@constantin-film.de

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