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OT: Los Castores

Antonio Luco, Nicolás Molina // Chile, 2014
Documentary Feature // FF2014
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Documentary: Biologists Derek and Giorgia have a mission: killing beavers. In Tierra del Fuego, the rodents have turned the ecosystem on its head. In 1946, 50 were released into the wild on the island group and since then the population has exploded and turned large parts of the originally wooded area into grassland. One consequence is that penguins can no longer find shelter from the wind. In a motor home, armed with an air rifle, Derek and Giorgia travel through beaver country and are welcomed with open arms by the native population. They all hate the beavers, which are however not only great at building dams and laying waste to forests – they can also hide extremely well.




Los Castores

Documentary Feature


Drei Farben Grün//FF2014



68 min

OV with English subtitles

Antonio Luco, Nicolás Molina

Pablo Núñez, Antonio Luco, Nicolás Molina

Francisco Hervé

Nicolás Molina

Camila Mercadal, Valeria Hernández

Ives Sepúlveda

Panchito Films; LucoMolina

Francisco Hervé, Panchito Films: francisco@panchitofilms.cl

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