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Life is not a competition but I'm winning

OT: Life is not a competition but I'm winning

Julia Fuhr Mann // Germany, 2023
Hybrid // FF2023



HYBRID Do men really run faster than women? The film shines a light on the stereotypical gender relations in sport. A collective of queer athletes in the Olympic Stadium in Athens honour those excluded from a place on the podium: the trans marathon runner Amanda Reiter, who has to fight the prejudice of event organizers – and the 800m runner Annet Negesa, who was urged to have a hormone-changing operation by international sports organisations. Together, they create a radical, poetic Utopia far away from rigid gender rules.


JULIA FUHR MANN (*1987 in Ingolstadt) studied documentary film-making at the HFF Munich. She was co-founder of a queer-feminist film network and is part of the Queer Media Society. Her short film Riot Not Diet (2018) won numerous prizes worldwide.



Life is not a competition but I'm winning


German, English

Große Freiheit//FF2023



79 min

OV with German subtitles

Julia Fuhr Mann

Julia Fuhr Mann

Annet Negesa, Amanda Reiter, Caitlin Fisher, Daniel Marin Medina, Chun Mei Tan, Eva Maria Jost, Jakob Levi Stahlberg, Oumou Aidara, Greta Graf

Fabian Altenried, Sophie Ahrens, Kristof Gerega

Caroline Spreitzenbart

Cornelia Böhm

Merit Giesen, Melanie Jilg

Sonja Schreiber, Mireia Vila Soriano

Angela Queins

Katya Mader (3sat)

First Hand Films

Schuldenberg Films


Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München (HFF)

Schuldenberg Films, Fabian Altenried: contact@schuldenbergfilms.com



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