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OT: Leyd'a

Yaron Shani // Israel, Germany, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2020



Three women carry the wounds and scars of their lives. An intense Israeli drama. Avigail had her first child much too young and is helpless in the face of the temper tantrums of her now teenage daughter. Her new husband wants to have a child with her, but Avigail can’t fulfill his wish. She seeks help from Yael, a pregnancy expert, who has built up the persona of a spiritual guru in order to escape her own fears of becoming a mother. Naama, her sister, reminds her of this truth, a volcano and emotional wreck. Three women in a deep crisis – who help each other to be reborn.


YARON SHANI (*1973) studied Film at the University of Tel Aviv and won awards including an Oscar nomination for his debut film Ajami (2009). In 2019, FILMFEST HAMBURG showed his film Stripped. Reborn won three prizes at the Haifa International Film Festival, including Best Film.




Fiction Feature



Israel, Germany


108 min

OV with German subtitles

Yaron Shani

Yaron Shani

Stav Almagor, Ori Shani, Leah Tonic

Saar Yogev, Naomi Levari

Nizan Lotem, Shai Skiff

Nir Alon

Yaron Shani

Yoav Sinai

Shicko Zioni

Alpha Violet

Black Sheep Film Productions

Naomi Levari, Electric Sheep: naomi@bsheepfilms.com

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