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Paris, 13th District

OT: Les Olympiades

Jacques Audiard // France, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021



In poetic monochrome, Jacques Audiard tells a modern love story in the age of dating apps and sex on the Internet. The film is based on two graphic novels by New York cartoonist Adrian Tomine. Paris, the City of Love. Here, between desires, adventures and drama live: Émilie who, after her elite university education, is just getting by with dead-end jobs, fast sex and dreams of a steady relationship; Camille, a young teacher who still has professional illusions, but none in his love life apart from uncomplicated sex; Nora, who came to the city to escape her past and start studying law in her early 30s; and Louise, who as Amber Sweet offers erotic services for money on the Internet.


Émilie, Nora, Louise and Camille – three women, one man. Their paths cross in the 13th arrondissement in Paris. Camille moves in with Émilie as her flatmate, immediately becomes her lover and moves out again just as quickly. Love is allegedly not his style – until he meets cool Nora. Nora’s hopes for an academic restart have fallen apart: after a wild night in the disco, fellow students think they recognize the porn star Amber Sweet in her. Nora’s dreams of the future are reeling. She has to meet Amber personally.


JACQUES AUDIARD (*1952) is one of the most important contemporary French film directors. He won acclaim with prize-winning films like A Prophet (2009) and Rust and Bone (2012). For Dheepan, shown at FILMFEST HAMBURG in 2015, he won the Golden Palm at Cannes.


Les Olympiades

Fiction Feature





105 min

OV with German subtitles

Jacques Audiard

Jacques Audiard, Léa Mysius, Céline Sciamma

Lucie Zhang, Makita Samba, Noémie Merlant, Jehnny Beth, Camille Léon-Fucien, Océane Cairaty, Anaïde Rozam, Pol White, Geneviève Doang

Valérie Schermann

Paul Guilhaume, A.F.C.

Brigitte Taillandier, Vincent Goujon, Hortense Bailly, Niels Barletta

Juliette Welfling


Mila Preli

Virginie Montel

Christel Baras

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