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Producing Adults

OT: Lapsia ja aikuisia - kuinka niitä tehdään?

Aleksi Salmenperä // Finland, Sweden, 2004
Fiction Feature // FF2004



Psychologist Venla (Minna Haapkylä) works at a clinic specialising in artificial insemination and desperately longs for a child of her own. Her fiancé, however, is determined not to become a father. Venla decides to have artificial insemination then spring the pregnancy on him. But then she falls in love with the doctor… A romantic and bitter-sweet comedy about life’s most wonderful and troublesome moments, and an impressive directorial debut.


Aleksi Salmenperä (*1973) works as a director and screenplay writer and became widely known through his films Producing Adults (2004), A Man's Work (2007) and Distractions (2015) for which he received the Finnish film prize.


Lapsia ja aikuisia - kuinka niitä tehdään?

Fiction Feature



Finland, Sweden


102 min


Aleksi Salmenperä

Pekko Pesonen

Minna Haapkylä, Minttu Mustakallio, Kari-Pekka Toivonen, Tommi Eronen

Petri Jokiranta, Tero Kaukomaa

Tuomo Hutri

Kimmo Taavila

Timo Hietala

Annika Björkman

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