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The Debt

OT: La deuda

Gustavo Fontán // Argentina, Spain, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2019



An Argentinian nocturne about a young woman who only has until sunrise to pay her debts. Because she’s chronically short of money, Monica feels forced to help herself to some cash from her employer’s till. When the shortfall is noticed, her boss gives Monica an ultimatum: she has until the following morning to replace the money or she can look for a new job. In the quiet of the night, a journey begins in which every encounter she experiences underlines for Monica the pain of her own situation.


GUSTAVO FONTÁN (*1960) is a writer and director. His creative work varies from documentary to fiction.



La deuda

Fiction Feature



Argentina, Spain


74 min

OV with English subtitles

Gustavo Fontán

Gustavo Fontán, Gloria Peirano

Belén Blanco, Marcelo Subiotto, Leonor Manso, Edgardo Castro, Andrea Garrote, Walter Jakob

Lita Stantic, Pedro Almodóvar, Agustín Almodóvar, Esther García, Silvana Di Francesco

Diego Poleri

Mario Bocchicchio

Abel Tortorelli

Alejandro Mateo

Lita Stantic Producciones

El Deseo; Lita Stantic Producciones; Motore Cine; MaravillaCine

Lita Stantic Producciones: lita@litastantic.com, silvanadifrancesco@gmail.com

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