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Climate rescue for beginners

OT: Klima retten für Anfänger

Tomy Wigand // Germany, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2022



One family on their obstacle-filled way to politically correct everyday life. What use are good A levels when the world is going down the drain? 17-year old Lilly (Ella Lee) is a climate activist with no time for school. Her mother Nina (Tanja Wedhorn) is worried about her daughter’s future and thus suggests an unusual deal: Lilly has to start studying properly again and the parents will start taking sustainability seriously. But it’s harder than they imagine. Lilly’s Dad Martin (Götz Schubert) is not happy, but unwillingly does his bit. Lily only has a chance of a decent high-school qualification, if her parents keep at it and manage to live according to the rules laid down by their daughter. And small changes aren’t necessarily easier than big ones. The Wilmers soon reaize that it’s not just a question of sorting out their cupboards, but also their lives.


TOMY WIGAND (*1952 in Ludwigsburg) studied at the HFF Munich, thereafter numerous cinema and TV films and series, including Im Namen des Gesetzes, Alarm für Cobra 11, Das fliegende Klassenzimmer, Weingut Wader.


Klima retten für Anfänger

Fiction Feature





89 min


Tomy Wigand

Jule Boenig

Tanja Wedhorn, Götz Schubert, Ella Lee, Finn Cordes, Timo Fakhravar, Isabella Parkinson, Frank Streffing, Lena Dörrie

Imre von der Heydt, Christiane Ruff

Klaus Merkel

Till von Reumont

Christian Nauheimer

Alex Komlew

Gudrun Roscher

Manuela Nierzwicki

Stefany Pohlmann, Inga Helfrich

Stefan Kruppa, Christoph Pellander

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