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Kiezjargon - Leonidas

OT: Kiezjargon - Leonidas

Il Kang // Germany, 2022
Fiction Feature // FF2022



Fun is something other people have: A social drama set in Hamburg sees a teenager experience the heartless side of his Reeperbahn neighbourhood. Hunger drives Leon (Albert Lichtenstern) onto the street. His mother is off somewhere and hasn’t bothered to take care of him again. For money and food, the 15-year old steals anything that isn’t nailed down. He earns a bit doing chores in Palais Chérie, a run-down brothel, which has become something of a haven for him. His fatherly friend Klaus (Detlev Dorendorf), a tout for the brothel, sits on his stool day and night trying to persuade passers-by to come in and become clients. And then there’s one particular prostitute that Leon fancies. As usual, the boy gets through the day somehow – but at some point realizes that his mother isn’t coming back.


IL KANG (*1978 in Hamburg) studied at the HfbK art school in Hamburg. His graduation film Seme – Schlage nicht, um zu gewinnen. Gewinne, dann schlage won the Max Ophüls Interfilmpreis in 2014 and the Hamburg Culture Foundation's HFBK Film Prize in 2013.



Kiezjargon - Leonidas

Fiction Feature


Hamburger Filmschau//FF2022



88 min


Il Kang

Il Kang

Albert Lichtenstern, Hannes Hellmann, Daniel Michel, Ron Matz, Lana Cooper, Matti Vorreyer, Detlev Dorendorf, Johanna Lucht, Arne Calos Böttcher, Elisabeth v. Weyhe

Sin Huh

Chris Esterguard

Il Kang

Brezel Göring

Arzu Aytekin

Tom Lucky

Tom Lucky, Il Kang

Kang Lucky; Dokuwa Communications

Kang Lucky, Il Kang: ilweissviel@hotmail.com


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