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Katanga Business

OT: Katanga Business

Thierry Michel // Belgium, 2009
Documentary Feature // FF2009



Thierry Michel portrays the bitter struggle over precious natural resources such as cobalt, ore, wolfram and copper in the Congo. Governor Moïse Katumbi, “a capitalist-populist mixture of Silvio Berlusconi and Hugo Chávez”, is at loggerheads with Chinese and Western investors. It is the poorest of the poor who suffer most from this economic colonialism. The workers fall victim to the police, political cronies, corruption and global greed of gain.


THIERRY MICHEL, born in 1952, Belgian director and documentarist for both TV and cinema. His many films include"Hiver 60" (1982), "Kids from Rio" (1990), "From the Grass Roots" (1990), "The Last Colonials" (1995), "Donka, X-ray of an African Hospital" (1997), "Mobutu, King of Zaire" (2000), "Iran, Veiled Appearance" (2002) and "Congo River" (2006)


Katanga Business

Documentary Feature





120 min


Thierry Michel

Thierry Michel

Christine Pireaux

Michel Téchy

Marie Quinton

Marc Hérouet

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