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OT: Kaghaz-E Khoroos Neshan

Maryam Milani // Iran, 2012
Fiction Feature // FF2012



Amir and his sister Maryam’s family is poor. To support his single mother, he sells newspapers in the street.One day Amir reads of a painting competition and decides he’d like to take part. He has talent, but no implements to practise with. A neighbour puts him in touch with an artist who supports him in his endeavour and gives him art lessons. But Amir has to work very hard to pay for the special paper he needs for the competition.Together with his friend Ali, he takes on a second job at the market. Ali too has a dream. He’d love to play football, but can’t afford the training and can only watch the team he’d like to play for through the fence. Maryam in turn is a big film fan with dreams of her own. Will the three manage to achieve their goals?



Kaghaz-E Khoroos Neshan

Fiction Feature





93 min


Maryam Milani

Maryam Milani

Shahram Poorasad, Roya Bakhtiyari, Shayan Jalali, Alireza Samimi-Moghadam, Parnia Alipanahi

Mohammad Nikbin, Amir Ezzatpour

Ali Loghmani

Siavash Zahedi

Arya Azimnejad

Visual Media Institute

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