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OT: Jiang cheng xia ri

Wang Chao // People's Republic of China, France, 2006
Fiction Feature // FF2006



Village schoolteacher Li is searching for his lost son. He goes to the big city Wuhan, where his daughter lives in the red-light district, as the girl-friend of a brothel keeper. Li finds an aide in an old policeman but tragedy ensues in this subtle melodrama by the country’s most prominent representative of Chinese Realism. At Cannes, it won the award in the section Un certain regard. The film will also be shown as an exclusive Avant Premiere on the occasion of China Time at the Passage Kino on September 27 at 8 pm!



Jiang cheng xia ri

Fiction Feature


Agenda 06//FF2006

People's Republic of China, France


100 min


Wang Chao

Wang Chao

Huang He, Tian Yuan, Wu You Cai, Li Yi Qing

Sylvain Bursztejn, Mao Yong Hong

Liu Yong Hong

Tao Wen

Xiao He

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