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All About My Sisters

OT: Jia ting lu xiang

Wang Qiong // USA, 2021
Documentary Feature // FF2021
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DOCUMENTARY A long-term study about family interrelations, the psychologcial effects of the one-child policy and the role of women in Chinese society. Over seven years, film-maker Wang Qiong accompanied her family with her camera and used conversations to shed light on their past. Her sister Jin was born in the 1990s – a time in which due to the one-child policy male offspring were favoured and girls aborted or abandoned. Jin too was left to her own devices in the street until her uncle took her in. With an unflinching but at the same time loving eye, the film dissects the history of a family and the traumatic legacy of a society.


WANG QIONG (*1992) is a Chinese director and photographer who studied at the Temple University in Philadelphia. All About My Sisters is her debut film and had its world premiere at the Rotterdam film festival.


Film Talk


Jia ting lu xiang

Documentary Feature


Asia Express//FF2021



174 min

OV with English subtitles

Wang Qiong

Zhou Jin, Wang Li, Yan Xiaoqing, Wang Jianhua, Wang Sifan, Yan Xiaopeng, Zhou Zhenggen, Wang Jinlian, Huang Chengxi, Hung Sui, Zheng Wenyue, Zheng Wenjie

Wang Qiong

Wang Qiong

Wang Qiong

Wang Qiong

Wang Qiong

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