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Young Juliette

OT: Jeune Juliette

Anne Émond // Canada, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2019
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In this feel-good comedy from Québec about a self-confident teenage girl, eveything’s a little bit over the top. 14-year old Juliette is red-haired, fat and has big dreams: she wants to throw the best parties, move to New York to live with her mum and go out with the coolest guy in the school. In a word: she wants everything she can’t have. And she’s not going to let a little thing like reality get in the way – and plunges with abandon into the last few weeks before the summer holidays.


In 2012, ANNE ÉMOND (*1982) won a Jutra, the most important film prize in Québec, for Nuit #1 for the best debut feature. In 2015, FILMFEST HAMBURG showed her film Our Loved Ones and in 2016 Nelly.



Jeune Juliette

Fiction Feature





93 min

OV with German subtitles

Anne Émond

Anne Émond

Alexane Jamieson, Léanne Désilets, Robin Aubert, Gabriel Beaudet, Antoine Desrocher, Christophe Levac, Stéphane Crête, Tatiana Zinga Botao, Karl Farah, Myriam LeBlanc

Sylvain Corbeil

Olivier Gossot

Alexandre Leblanc

Vincent Roberge (Les Louanges)

Sylvain Lemaître

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