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Jesús López

OT: Jesús López

Maximiliano Schonfeld // Argentina, France, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021
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The village and the dead racing driver: a disturbing Argentinian drama about mourning and youthful identity in pictures that get under your skin. The death of Jesús López, a young racing driver killed in an accident, is met with horror. A dark cloud settles over the village, which is left stunned by the accident. In the midst of the gloom, Jesús’ cousin Abel begins to change. He identifies himself as Jesús, moves in with his parents, wears his clothes and seeks the proximity of his ex-girlfriend. At first, the villagers tolerate the strange roleplay, then their mood turns to increasing unease and irritation. But Abel is not prepared to give up his borrowed identity without a fight.


MAXIMILIANO SCHONFELD (*1982) studied at the state film school ENERC in Buenos Aires. He was assistant director under Rodrigo Moreno and Victor Kozakovzky. In 2012, FILMFEST HAMBURG showed his debut feature Germania.

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Jesús López

Fiction Feature



Argentina, France


90 min

OV with English subtitles

Maximiliano Schonfeld

Maximiliano Schonfeld, Selva Almada

Lucas Schell, Joaquín Spahn, Sofía Palomino, Ia Arteta, Alfredo Zenobi, Paula Ransenberg, Romina Pinto, Benigno Lell

Georgina Baisch, Cecilia Salim, Lucero Garzón

Federico Lastra

Sofia Straface

Ana Remon

Jackson Souvenir

Tatu Ravotti

Analía Bernabe

Verónica Souto

Pluto Films

Murillo Cine

Luz Verde

INCAA; Aide aux cinémas du monde; Mecenazgo Cultural; Gobierno de Entre Ríos

Maximiliano Schonfeld: chonfel@gmail.com / Cecilia Salim: sazysalim@gmail.com


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