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Jane Campion, the Cinema Woman

OT: Jane Campion, la Femme Cinéma

Julie Bertuccelli // France, 2022
Documentary Feature // FF2022
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DOCUMENTARY A rigorously subjective and unusual look at the work of Oscar-winner Jane Campion (The Power of the Dog) and an ode to film. Jane Campion is a pioneer of women’s film-making: she was the first woman to win the Palme D’Or (for The Piano) and in her 40 years of film-making has carved out a special niche for herself in the male-dominated world of cinema. Julie Bertuccelli paints a portrait of Jane Campion as a subtle observer of the human soul and of women, a film-maker who is at the same time discreet and quirky, gentle and cheeky, and sometimes misunderstood.



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After studying philosophy and photography, JULIE BERTUCCELLI (*1968 in France) turned to documentary film-making. She has also made a name for herself in feature films, her drama The Tree closed the Cannes festival in 2010.


Jane Campion, la Femme Cinéma

Documentary Feature

English, French




100 min

OV with English subtitles

Julie Bertuccelli

Estelle Fialon

Olivier Goinard

Laure Gardette, Svetlana Vaynblat

Olivier Goinard

Westend Films/Cinephil

Les Films du Poisson

Arte France; Uccelli Production

Westend Films/Cinephil, Shoshi Korman: Shoshi@Cinephil.com


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