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Inshallah a boy

OT: Inshallah a boy

Amjad Al Rasheed // Jordan, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, 2023
Fiction Feature // FF2023
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Death and inheritance in a patriarchy: a dense, tightly-told story from Jordan of a widow fighting for her existence. The sudden death of her husband hits Nawal hard. She now lives with her daughter in a modest apartment in Amman and has a hard time bringing home enough to live on. Her brother-in-law is at first understanding of her situation, but the friendly façade soon breaks down in the face of the reality of Jordanian legislation. Nawal has to assert herself within the complex family dynamic against class opposites and a patriarchal justice system in order to protect her home and the custody of her daughter.


AMJAD AL RASHEED (*1985) is a Jordanian director and screenplay author who took part in the Berlinale’s Talent Campus. Inshallah A Boy is his debut feature.



Inshallah a boy

Fiction Feature



Jordan, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar


113 min

OV with German and English subtitles

Amjad Al Rasheed

Amjad Al Rasheed, Rula Nasser, Delphine Agut

Mouna Hawa, Haitham Omari, Yumna Marwan, Salwa Nakkara, Mohammad Al Jizawi, Eslam Al-Awadi, Celina Rabab'a

Rula Nasser and Aseel Abu Ayyash

Kanamé Onoyama

Nour Halawani

Ahmed Hafez

Jerry Lane

Zeina Soufan

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