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In My Mother's Arms

OT: In My Mother's Arms

Mohamed Jabarah Al-Daradji, Atia Jabarah Al-Daradji // Iraq, Netherlands, United Kingdom, 2011
Documentary Feature // FF2012
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In one of the most dangerous parts of Baghdad, Husham has taken several dozen orphans off the streets and put them up in a provisional home. Here he tries to give the traumatised children a feeling of normality again. The film-makers spent 9months observing everyday life at the home: the children’s initially shy playing, their positive development and the untiring attempts of Husham and his helpers to find more financing. When the owners raise the rent, the project teeters on the brink. To take their minds off their uncertain future, some of the children perform a musical interlude with the title “In My Mother’s Arms” as an expression of their longing for the unconditional love of a mother.




In My Mother's Arms

Documentary Feature


Agenda 12//FF2012

Iraq, Netherlands, United Kingdom


86 min


Mohamed Jabarah Al-Daradji, Atia Jabarah Al-Daradji

Husham Al-Dhbe , Saif Husham , Mohammed Waael , Salah Husham

Isabelle Stead, Mohamed Jabarah Al-Daradji, Atia Jabarah Al-Daradji

Zahir Kareem, Amar Manaa, Muthar Anaam, Osama Rasheed

Mohamed Jabarah, Ian Watson

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Human Film UK; Human Film NL; Iraq Al-Rafidain

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