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Horizon Beautiful

OT: Horizon Beautiful

Stefan Jaeger // Switzerland, Ethiopia, 2012
Fiction Feature // FF2013
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RECOMMENDED FROM AGE 9: Admassu is a street urchin, but would like to be a footballer in Europe. When he hears that an important Swiss football manager is coming to Addis Abeba, his dream suddenly seems within grasp. Admassu will let nothing stand in the way of his aim of meeting Franz Arnold. The latter, however, only wants to improve his negative image and isn’t remotely interested in the footballing skills of African children. Admassu thinks up a rash plan which promptly goes wrong. Admassu and Franz end up in the middle of the African wilderness and have to learn to get on with each other in order to get back to the city… Screening on 02. and 04.10. in attendance of: Oliver Keidel (Screenplay)




Horizon Beautiful

Fiction Feature

Amharic, English


Switzerland, Ethiopia


90 min

German overvoice

Stefan Jaeger

Mikiyas Efram, Ephrem Alemu, Abiy Getahun, Oliver Keidel

Henok Tadele, Stefan Gubser, Rahel Teshome, Kenny Allen, Hamza Hussen

Patrick Merkle, Katrin Renz

Abraham Haile

Robin Wenger

Kenny Allen, Angelo Berardi, Oliver Keidel

tellfilm GmbH, Blue Nile Film and Television Academy

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