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Helga - Die Zwei Gesichter der Feddersen

OT: Helga - Die Zwei Gesichter der Feddersen

Oliver Schwabe // Germany, 2020
Documentary Feature // FF2020



Moving portrait of an extraordinary woman. In the 1960s, Helga Feddersen became known as a comedy actress far beyond the borders of Hamburg. But beyond the flamboyant roles she played, underscored by a striking physiognomy which was both a blessing and curse, Helga Feddersen had a very different side: a vulnerable outsider to whom life had not been kind, full of creative talent and the class to be able to play her jokester roles without disillusionment. With contributions from celebrated friends and colleagues of Feddersen, Oliver Schwabe paints a portrait of a complex personality, a survivor who always gave her best.


OLIVER SCHWABE (*1966) has made numerous documentaries. Three of his films, Bienvenue im Kleidermarkt (2012), Die Höhle von Eppendorf (2016) and Die Liebe frisst das Leben (2019) have been shown at FILMFEST HAMBURG


Helga - Die Zwei Gesichter der Feddersen

Documentary Feature





90 min


Oliver Schwabe

Oliver Schwabe

Protagonisten: Frank Zander, Dieter Hallervorden, Karl Dall, Christine Zierl, Jürgen Worlitz, Wolfgang Ebeling, Ole von Beust, Sven Regener und Rudolf Körösi

Bettina Wieselhuber

Carsten Janssen

Matthias Nauerz

Katrin Hockemeyer

Aurelio Valle, Element of Crime

Timo Großpietsch, Marc Brasse

Norddeutscher Rundfunk

Bettina Wieselhuber, NDR: b.wieselhuber@ndr.de

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