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Heaven Can Wait

OT: Heaven Can Wait – Wir leben jetzt

Sven Halfar // Germany, 2023
Documentary Feature // FF2023
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DOCUMENTARY No fear of ageing: The members of the Hamburg Heaven Can Wait choir are all over 70. For them, the choir is a second home – and a refuge for the soul. For the singers of Heaven Can Wait, it requires courage to get up on stage and reveal their innermost beings. This post-war generation never really learned to talk about their feelings. Together with their director, the singers try and beguile their audiences with contemporary songs like »Emanuela« by Fettes Brot – and together experience the indescribable feeling of freedom that only singing can offer.



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SVEN HALFAR (*1972 in Weingarten) studied Film in Hamburg and makes both features and documentaries, including Yes I Am! (2007). His film DeAD was shown in 2013 at FILMFEST HAMBURG.



Heaven Can Wait – Wir leben jetzt

Documentary Feature


Hamburger Filmschau//FF2023



103 min


Sven Halfar

Sven Halfar

Protagonist·innen: Ensemble des Heaven Can Wait Chores aus Hamburg

Sebastian Weyland, Manfred Giesecke

Julia Lohmann, Matthias Wittkuhn

Daniel de Homont

Nina Glauche

Nils Kacirek, Jörg Hochapfel

Timo Großpietsch (NDR)

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