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Harald Naegeli - The Zurich Sprayer

OT: Harald Naegeli - Der Sprayer von Zürich

Nathalie David // Germany, Switzerland, 2021
Documentary Feature // FF2021
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DOCUMENTARY Art or vandalism? Since 1977, the Sprayer of Zurich has been forcing this question. A sensitive portrait showing Naegeli’s legacy and a homage to the Utopian. His graffiti are minimalistic, but with great aesthetic power. Harald Naegeli used them in the 1970s to criticize Zurich’s monotonous cityscape, along with politics and our treatment of the environment. He spent time in jail and lived for many years in Düsseldorf. Since 2020, the 81-year old has been back in Zurich – and during the first lockdown sprayed more than 50 danses macabres. The canton prosecuted him, the city awarded him a major art prize.


NATHALIE DAVID (*1963) studied art at the Villa Arson in Nice and the HFBK art school in Hamburg. In 2009, she founded Pitchoun Production and has since then made several art documentaries.



Harald Naegeli - Der Sprayer von Zürich

Documentary Feature

German, Swiss German


Germany, Switzerland


97 min

OV with German subtitles

Nathalie David

Nathalie David

Harald Naegeli, Benjamin von Blomberg, Christoph Doswald, Regine Helbling, Markus Kägi, Corine Mauch, Pfarrer Christoph Sigrist, Susanne Stamm, Hans Martin Ulbrich, Mirjam Varadinis

Peter Spoerri

Adrian Stähli

Jean-Pierre Gerth, Julian Joseph, Kurt Human

Nathalie David, Andrew Bird (Supervising Editor)

Andrina Bollinger, Sophie Hunger


PS Film Gmbh


Schweizer Fernsehen SRF; 3sat SRG; Succès passage antenne

Nathalie David, PITCHOUNPRODUCTION: nathalie.david@gmx.net


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