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A Schoolgirl's Diary

OT: Han Nyeohaksaengeui Ilgi

Jang In-hak // Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), 2006
Fiction Feature // FF2007



Su-ryeon from communist North Korea is a girl like any other. She wishes her parents had more time for her, but realizes her selfishness when her mother’s health falters. The first film from North Korea to reach the Western world is rumoured to have been co-edited by Kim Jong-il, the country’s dictator.



Han Nyeohaksaengeui Ilgi

Fiction Feature


Agenda 07//FF2007

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)


94 min


Jang In-hak

An Jun-bo

Pak Mi-hyang, Kim Jin-mi

Kim Jong-il

Han Heui-gwang, Hwang Ryong-cheol

Pak Jeong-suk

Jo Seong-su

Jo Yeong-gil

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