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German Crime Story: Chained

OT: German Crime Story: Gefesselt

Florian Schwarz // Germany, 2022
TV Series // FF2022
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Horror on a Hamburg estate: the deeds of a sadistic brute. The true story behind the so-called »acid barrel murders«. In the 1980s and 90s, women in Hamburg lived in fear of Raik Doormann (Oliver Masucci). The sado-masochistic fur dealer kidnapped, tortured and killed in his own nuclear bunker. The first person to find evidence of his butchery is former victim counsellor and later homicide detective Nela Langenbeck (Angelina Häntsch). But at that time women were employed by the police more as secretaries than detectives. Nela has a very hard time getting her work taken seriously. Despite all the resistance, she does finally find a trail that leads to Doormann and his appalling deeds. A superb cast and a brilliantly produced and convincingly reconstructed high-end series.


FLORIAN SCHWARZ (*1974 in Koblenz). After studying at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, several awards, numerous TV films including Tatort – Weil sie böse sind (2010) and the Ulrich Tukur Tatort – In dem Schmerz geboren (2014).


German Crime Story: Gefesselt

TV Series





90 min


Florian Schwarz

Max Eipp, Dinah Marte Golch, Mark Monheim, Dirk Morgenstern, Michael Proehl (Headautoren: Michael Proehl, Dirk Morgenstern)

Oliver Masucci, Angelina Häntsch, Sylvester Groth, Valentina Sauca, Sebastian Schwarz, Wolf Danny Homann, Nikola Kastner, Ulrike Willenbacher, Pierre Besson

Dietmar Güntsche

Philipp Sichler

Corinna Zink

Stefan Essl, Laura Wachauf

Sven Rossenbach, Florian van Volxem

Johannes Salat

Birgitta Lohrer-Horres

Franziska Aigner

Weltkino Filmverleih

Studio Hamburg

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