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FIRST TIME [The Time for All but Sunset – VIOLET] + CINEMOON

OT: FIRST TIME [The Time for All but Sunset – VIOLET] + CINEMOON

Nicolaas Schmidt // Germany, 2021
Hybrid // FF2022



Travelling the circle line through Hamburg, where day meets night: this prize-winning film mixes video art and advertising with a love story and is a humorous dig at mainstream cinema. Two boys meet on the subway. Silently, they sit opposite each other, while the U3 follows its circular route through the city. Passengers get on and off, outside and in the light changes. Looks, silence, noise and music. Something happens between the two young men – nothing much, and yet everything. The timeline of love could be a circle. Following the film, the 20-minute performance »Cinemoon« will take place as a premiere.



Kindly supported by YAMAHA PIANOWORLD


NICOLAAS SCHMIDT (*1979 in Leipzig) studied at the Hamburg Art School and lives and works in Hamburg as a filmmaker, video and concept artist. FIRST TIME [The Time for All but Sunset – VIOLET] won several prizes, including the German Short Film Prize in the category Special Prize for Mid-Length Films.



FIRST TIME [The Time for All but Sunset – VIOLET] + CINEMOON


no dialogue

Hamburger Filmschau//FF2022



50 min


Nicolaas Schmidt

Nicolaas Schmidt

Aaron Hilmer,  Fynn Grossmann

Anne Döring, Nicolaas Schmidt

Julia Lohmann, Nicolaas Schmidt

Roland Musolff, Ray Juster, Nicolaas Schmidt, Iason Roumkos

Nicolaas Schmidt

Iason Roumkos, Eduard Tokuyev, Tim Slim

Ray Juster

Ada Oehrlein

Sarah Drath

ETTG FILM / Doppelte Unendlichkeit

Anne Döring

Anne Döring

Doppelte Unendlichkeit, Nicolaas Schmidt: mail@nicolaasschmidt.de


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