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Mrs. Fang

OT: Fang Xiu Ying

Wang Bing // Hong Kong, France, Germany, 2017
Documentary Feature // FF2017
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DOCUMENTARY Fang Xiu Ying is 67 years old, was a farmer and has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for eight years. The director follows her closely during her final weeks and in long takes documents her slow departure from this life. Although she can no longer speak and apparently has only rare moments of lucidity, Mrs Fang remains the centre of her family – both in terms of space and in the conversations and memories of her relatives. During her last days, the world revolves around the matriarch and the film reflects a changed sense of time caused by a state of waiting and hoping, taking leave and remembering.


With his very first film, the 9-hour documentary West of the Tracks (2003), WANG BING (*1967) made a name for himself as a director of epic works. Today, he is seen by many as China's leading independent documentary film-maker. Mrs. Fang was awarded the Golden Leopard at this year's Locarno festival.



Fang Xiu Ying

Documentary Feature


Asia Express//FF2017

Hong Kong, France, Germany


86 min

OV with English subtitles

Wang Bing

Pierre-Olivier Bardet, Yang Wang, Kong Lihong

Wang Bing, Shan Xiaohui, Ding Bihan

Wang Bing, Dominique Auvray

Wu Shenfang, Zhu Zhu

Asian Shadows

Ideale Audience; Wil Productions; All Ways Pictures; documenta 14

Ya Li, Asian Shadows lya@chineseshadows.com

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