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Once Upon a Time Was I, Verônica

OT: Era uma vez eu, Verônica

Marcelo Gomes // Brazil, France, 2012
Fiction Feature // FF2013



Everything is going according to plan for Verônica. She’s just finished her medical studies and is working in the psychiatric department of a hospital in Recife. But the young doctor is full of doubt, about her job and her relationships with men. She has lots of affairs that quench her thirst and anaesthetize her inner emptiness, but do not touch her emotionally. The only person who can move her is her ill father. When he feels his end approaching, he asks his daughter a favour: she should please find the love of her life before he dies. To fulfill his wish, Verônica makes herself her own patient in the search for herself and her feelings for others.




Era uma vez eu, Verônica

Fiction Feature



Brazil, France


92 min

OV with German subtitles

Marcelo Gomes

Marcelo Gomes

Hermila Guedes, W. J. Solha, João Miguel

João Vieira Jr., Sara Silveira, Maria Ionescu

Mauro Pinheiro Jr.

Karen Harley

Tomaz Alves Souza, Karina Buhr

Marcos Pedroso

Urban Distribution International

Dezenove Som E Imagens Producoes; REC; Urban Factory

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