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Until the birds return

OT: En attendant les hirondelles

Karim Moussaoui // France, Germany, Algeria, Qatar, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2017
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Three stories, each illustrating a different facet of Algeria – between slums and luxury apartments, rural expanses and urban moloch, the traditional and the modern. A young woman travels to her wedding with an elderly man and shares an intimate secret with the driver. The civil war of the 1990s suddenly catches up with an ambitious neurosurgeon. And a wealthy property developer witnesses a brutal beating and does nothing. Emotional and fascinating, Until The Birds Return paints a picture of a country in search of stability, of upheaval, of itself.


KARIM MOUSSAOUI (*1976) worked as a film curator in Algiers, before starting to make his own films. His mid-length work Die Tage davor (2013) won several prizes and was nominated for a César.



En attendant les hirondelles

Fiction Feature



France, Germany, Algeria, Qatar


113 min

OV with English subtitles

Karim Moussaoui

Karim Moussaoui, Maud Ameline

Mohamed Djouhri, Sonia Mekkiou, Hania Amar, Mehdi Ramdani, Chawki Amari, Saadia Gacem, Hassan Kachach, Nadia Kaci, Samir El Hakim, Aure Atika

David Thion, Philippe Martin

David Chambille

Thomas Marchand

Hamid Boughrara


Les Films Pelléas; NiKo Film; Prolégomènes

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