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Simply Nina

OT: Einfach Nina

Karin Heberlein // Germany, 2022
Fiction Feature // FF2022
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Born in the wrong body? A child rebels. 8-year old Nina is confident and fun-loving. She’s convinced that a mistake was made at her birth: she was born a Niklas. Nina plucks up her courage and informs her family that she has always felt like a girl and would like to live as one. Her grandpa Thilo (Michael Wittenborn) supports her. But her parents Simone (Friederike Becht) and Martin (Ulrich Brandhoff) cannot agree and with her brother Ben need time to deal with the new situation. Old conflicts flare up. There are problems in Nina’s social environment and at school. Can the family stick together despite the problems? A fictional contribution to a very topical subject.


KARIN HEBERLEIN studied drama in London, before working at international theatre festivals. She has been a screenplay writer and director since 2013, her most recent film is Sami, Joe und ich (2021).


Einfach Nina

Fiction Feature





89 min


Karin Heberlein

Angela Gilges, Karin Heberlein, Christopher von Delhaes

Friederike Becht, Arian Wegener, Ulrich Brandhoff, Michael Wittenborn, Ludwig Samuel Ott, Anjorka Strechel, Golo Euler, Lia Stark, Eray von Egilmez, Max Appenroth, Vanessa Rottenburg, Hilke Altefrohne

Martin Lehwald, Marcos Kantis, Philipp Goeser

Ralf Noack

Johannes Kunz, Magnus Pflüger

Simon Gutknecht

Ephrem Lüchinger

Carola Gauster

Sonja Greif

Johanna Hellwig

Katja Kirchen, Stefan Kruppa, Christoph Pellander

Schiwago Film für ARD Degeto

Schiwago Film, Philipp Goeser: pgoeser@schiwagofilm.de


Coming of AgeFamily & RelationshipWomenSocietyAdolescenceChildhoodLGBTQHuman RightsSexuality

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