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Eine fremde Tochter

OT: Eine fremde Tochter

Stefan Krohmer // Germany, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2019



A girl traumatized by the death of her mother moves in with her father, who is living in a homosexual relationship. After losing her single mum in an accident, 15-year old Alma (Hanna Schiller) moves in with her father. Oliver (Mark Waschke) separated from his family some time ago and now lives with his boyfriend Felix (Wanja Mues) in a gay partnership. But Alma has a hard time with what is for her an unusual combination. Suspicion and jealousy cause her to provoke ever more conflicts, which in turn put a strain on the men’s relationship. Then there‘s the influence of Alma‘s boyfriend Johannes (Oskar Wohlgemuth), who comes from a religious family and has problems with homosexuality. The men’s initially harmonious coexistence unravels increasingly.


After studying film in Nuremberg and Ludwigsburg, STEFAN KROHMER (*1971) has directed numerous cinema and TV films mostly written by Daniel Nocke, including They’ve Got Knut (2003), Dutschke (2009) and Die Zeit mit Euch (2014). His two-parter Neu in Unserer Familie was shown in competition in the TV section of FILMFEST HAMBURG 2016.


Eine fremde Tochter

Fiction Feature





89 min


Stefan Krohmer

Daniel Nocke

Mark Waschke, Wanja Mues, Hannah Schiller, Oskar Wohlgemuth, Franziska Hartmann, Maja Schöne, Joshua Grothe, Liselotte Krieger uvm.

Oliver Behrmann, Bea Schmidt, Annett Neukirchen

Armin Dierolf

Stephan Krumbiegel

Julian Maas, Christoph M. Kaiser

Adrienne Zeidler-Benesch

Christian Granderath, Patrick Poch

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