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Echte Bauern singen besser

OT: Echte Bauern singen besser

Holger Haase // Germany, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2018
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Rocking the provinces: a lookalike farce with Sebastian Bezzel in a double role. Shy farmer Sven and haggard rock star Alexander Gromberg have little in common – apart from a striking resemblance. Gromberg is a heavy drinker, which is jeopardizing his comeback. Sven is a faithful soul who works hard on his parents’ farm and has long buried his own dreams of playing in a band. When Gromberg’s manager Franzi (Susanne Bormann) suddenly needs a sober version of the star to get the record company’s Go for his comeback tour, she summarily hires the lookalike. Sven is restyled as a rockstar. But can the deception work?


Besides numerous works for TV, HOLGER HAASE (*1975) has also made two comedies for the big screen Da geht noch was (2013) and Männertag (2015).



Echte Bauern singen besser

Fiction Feature





88 min


Holger Haase

Arndt Stüwe

Sebastian Bezzel, Susanne Bormann, Christian Näthe, Roman Knizka, Pegah Ferydoni, Thelma Buabeng, Peter Trabner, Karl Kranzowski, Irene Rindje, Nico Josef Zitek, Stephanie Krogmann, Roni Zorina, Lena Schmidtke, Hans-Jürgen Alf, Cedric Eich, Senad Zimmermann, Jean-Luc Caputo

Björn Vosgerau, Uwe Kolbe

Uwe Schäfer

Torsten Lenz

Andy Groll

Eva Wendt

Carolin Haasis, Sascha Schwingel

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