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The Shaft

OT: Dixia De Tiankong

Chi Zhang // People's Republic of China, 2008
Fiction Feature // FF2008



Three episodes depict the life of a miners’ family in the mighty mountains of Western China. Daughter Jingshui wants to begin a new life but must choose between love and living her dream. Her brother Jingsheng wants to become a singer rather than a miner, but has neither money nor good grades. Father Ding Baogen, soon to retire, sets out to find his missing wife. A picture language reminiscent of painting, mirroring major and minor dreams and aspirations. Variety magazine: “An impressive debut”.



Dixia De Tiankong

Fiction Feature


Agenda 08//FF2008

People's Republic of China


95 min


Chi Zhang

Zhang Chi

Luo Deyuan, Huang Xuan, Zheng Luoqian, Li Chen

Hu Guipu, Kang Jianmin

Liu Shumin

Chen Yong

Guo Sida

Dai Yingying

China Film Association, 22 Bei-San-Huan-Dong-Lu, 100013 Beijing China, Tel: +86 135 816 22129, email: zhangchishaft(at)yahoo. com; Guizhou Great Love, Cultural Development Co. Ltd.

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