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The Wild 13

OT: Die Wilde 13

Kerstin Schaefer, Paul Spengemann // Germany, 2013
Documentary Feature // FF2013
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“Wild 13” is the name given by the residents of Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg to the most important bus route of their area. Wilhelmsburg is Hamburg’s multicultural island in the Elbe, boasting more than 100 different nationalities, but also a socially deprived area with a bad reputation. For some time, the city has been trying to upgrade Wilhelmsburg. New lifestyles are arriving and putting the old, traditional ones under pressure. The buses of Route 13 reflect these developments – as does the film, portraying drivers and passengers, getting off at their stop and accompanying them into their private lives. A wild journey through an island full of parallel universes. Screening on 03.10. in attendance of: Kerstin Schaefer, Paul Spengemann (Directors), Marco Antonio Reyes Loredo (Producer)




Die Wilde 13

Documentary Feature





77 min

OV with English subtitles

Kerstin Schaefer, Paul Spengemann

Kerstin Schaefer, Paul Spengemann, Marco Antonio Reyes Loredo

Marco Antonio Reyes Loredo

Paul Spengemann

Jonathan Miske

Jakob Spengemann, Stephan Konken

Juliane von Schwerin (NDR), Marco Otto (NDR)

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Hirn und Wanst GmbH

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