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The Invisible Ones

OT: Die Unsichtbaren

Matthias Freier // Germany, 2023
Documentary Feature // FF2023



DOCU-FICTION Marianne Atzeroth-Freier once brought the »acid-barrel murderer« to justice. In a mix of archive material and re-enacted scenes, the film reconstructs the difficult investigation Atzeroth-Freier had to pursue in a male-dominated environment. In the 1990s, as one of the first women in the Hamburg Police’s homicide division, Atzeroth-Freier solved one of the most gruesome murders in German history. If anything, by chance. When approached by a mother whose daughter has disappeared, she decides to get involved. On the search for the missing person, she repeatedly comes across inconsistencies within the police’s investigation. But she keeps going – until she achieves the breakthrough.


MATTHIAS FREIER (*1969 in Hamburg) studied Philosophy and Film and has for years been successful making commercials and music videos. Marianne Atzeroth-Freier is his stepmother and he worked on this film about her for more than 20 years.



Die Unsichtbaren

Documentary Feature


Hamburger Filmschau//FF2023



97 min


Matthias Freier

Matthias Freier

Protagonist·innen: Constanze Andree, Cornelia Uetrecht, Claudia Haarbrücker, Andreas Lohmeyer, Elke Lorenz u.a.

Alexander Eckert, Dietmar Güntsche, Svenja Albers, Naėmi Eckert

Kay Madsen

Stephan Konken

Marielle Pohlmann

Therese Strasser

Anja Pietruschka


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Rejell GmbH

Neue Bioskop

Rejell GmbH, Matthias Freier: freier@rejell.com


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