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Die Schönste aus Bitterfeld

OT: Die Schönste aus Bitterfeld

Matthias Tiefenbacher // Germany, 2003
Fiction Feature // FF2003



Bitterfeld, GDR, spring 1989. Chemical factory worker Gisela (Astrid Meyerfeldt) – three children from three different fathers, an ex-boyfriend (Oliver Korittke) and a girlfriend preparing to head for the West – won’t be deterred: she is determined to use this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations on March 8th as the opportunity for a beauty contest. Her workmates love the idea, but the local party functionaries and cultural committee are appalled at the thought. The local vicar (Hannes Jaenicke) is Gisela’s only ally, albeit an unwitting one. A nostalgic comedy about life in Eastern Germany before the Wall came down.


MATTHIAS TIEFENBACHER (*1962) directs for theatre and film. Wenn Frauen ausziehen is his fourth film to be shown at FILMFEST HAMBURG (2003: Die Schönste aus Bitterfeld, 2008: Stille Post, 2012: Gestern waren wir Fremde).


Die Schönste aus Bitterfeld

Fiction Feature





90 min


Matthias Tiefenbacher

Regine Kühn, Andreas Klich

Astrid Meyerfeldt, Doreen Jacobi, Oliver Korittke, Hannes Jaenicke

Stefan Jakob, Juliane Thevissen

Joachim Jung

Vera van Appeldorn

Andreas Schilling

Eckhard Wolf


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