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Dead Souls

OT: Dead Souls

Wang Bing // France, Switzerland, 2018
Documentary Feature // FF2018



DOCUMENTARY Survivors tell of their time in the reeducation camps of Mao’s China. Their words and faces form a monumental 8-hour memorial. In the sand of the Gobi Desert in North-Western China lie the bones of the victims of the “Campaign against Deviators from the Law” started by the Communist Party in 1957 and which affected up to half a million alleged enemies of the system. Thousands starved to death in the Jiabiangou and Mingshui reeducation camps. The few survivors tell of the suffering they endured and give the viewer an impression of how systematic this political crime was.


Wang Bing (*1967) established himself as a master of the epic documentary. Today he is seen as one of China's most important independent directors. His film Mrs. Fang was shown last year at FILMFEST HAMBURG



Dead Souls

Documentary Feature


Asia Express//FF2018

France, Switzerland


495 min

OV with English subtitles

Wang Bing

Wang Bing

Serge Lalou, Camille Laemlé, Louise Prince, Wang Bing

Wang Bing, Shan Xiaohui, Song Yang, Liu Xianhui

Catherine Rascon

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