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Hell in Tangier

OT: De hel van Tanger

Frank van Mechelen // Belgium, 2006
Fiction Feature // FF2006



A true, scary story about two innocent bus-drivers who get caught in Morocco driving 700 pounds of dope around. Although their employer admits both had no idea of their illegal cargo, they wander into the slammer for five years out of pure negligence and learn to survive in a world where a pack of cigarettes is more valuable than a human life. One of the most successful Belgian films of the season.



De hel van Tanger

Fiction Feature

Dutch, French, Arabic




105 min


Frank van Mechelen

Paul Piedfort

Filip Peeters, Axel Daeseleire, Brahim Waabach, Hicham Slaoui

Eric Wirix

Lou Berghmans

Joris Brouwers

Steve Willaert

Kurt Loyens

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