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OT: Dast-Neveshtehaa Nemisoosand

Mohammad Rasoulof // Iran, 2013
Fiction Feature // FF2013



Teheran: Morteza and Khosrow are given the job of liquidating someone. If possible, it should look like an accident. At the last minute, however, both are forced to change their original plan. The film portrays the everyday world of surveillance, intimidation and torture in Iran without recourse to the usual thriller effects, which makes it all the more disquieting. Made in great secrecy, the film won the Fipresci Prize of the international film critics in the section Un Certain Regard in Cannes. Screening on 01.10. and 05.10. in attendance of: Mohammad Rasoulof (Director)


MOHAMMAD RASOULOF (*1973) has already been a guest at FILMFEST HAMBURG several times, most recently in 2017 with "A Man of Integrity". Rasoulof has been imprisoned many times for his criticism of the regime. None of his films have ever been officially shown in Iran.



Dast-Neveshtehaa Nemisoosand

Fiction Feature





134 min

OV with English subtitles

Mohammad Rasoulof

Mohammad Rasoulof

Aufgrund der Zensur im Iran und um die Sicherheit der Besetzung zu gewährleisten, verzichten alle Beteiligten auf die namentliche Nennung.

Mohammad Rasoulof

Elle Driver

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